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At Pensacon, Nichelle Nichols remembers Leonard Nimoy

Nichelle Nichols remembered her former co-star Leonard Nimoy as a man whose “vision and heart are bigger than the universe.”

Nimoy, who portrayed science officer Spock on “Star Trek” along side Nichols’ communications officer Lt. Uhura, died today of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at the age of 83.

Nichols is a guest at the 2015 Pensacon, sci-fi, comic book and pop culture convention in Pensacola this weekend. She is speaking at a panel discussion today, and a statement on her behalf was released this afternoon:

“I am deeply saddened by the death of my dear friend Leonard Nimoy.  But, I also want to celebrate his extraordinary life.  He was a true force of strength and his character was that of a champion.  Leonard’s integrity and passion as an actor and devotion to his craft helped transport STAR TREK into television history.  His vision and heart are bigger than the universe.  I will miss him very much and send heartfelt wishes to his family.”

Nimoy’s final tweet, posted Feb. 23, was “A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP”

Nichols recently joined social media. Her Twitter handle is @nichelleisuhura, and her Facebook page is OfficialNichelleNichols.