Arc Gateway, Legal Services earn Sunday’s Child grants

Sunday’s Child awards a total of $66,250 to two Escambia County nonprofits.

Sunday’s Child awarded the grants based in part on the model from IMPACT 100 Pensacola Bay Area. The grants were awarded with a live membership vote on June 28.

Members donate $1,000 annually. The funds are pooled at the end of the year and divided into $25,000 to $50,000 grants, which are then awarded to nonprofits or initiatives that address a community need, while promoting the adoption and compliance of non-discrimination policies for LGBT individuals.

Legal Services of North Florida, Inc. and Arc Gateway each won a grant for $33,125.

Arc Gateway (category of Economic Development) will use their grant to buy a new forklift, allowing adults with disabilities to work and receive a paycheck while providing a service to our community.

IMG_9748-001Pollack Industries, a project of Arc Gateway that employs disabled adults on production contracts, utilizes a team of 12 individuals with disabilities and one non-disabled person to manufacture cement parking bumpers and cement air-conditioning pads for local contractors, businesses, and builders.

These cement items, weighing between 200-225 pounds, must be transported from the production areas, loaded onto trucks and delivered to project sites. This cannot be done without the aid of a forklift.

Currently, their forklift is over 20 years old, breaks often, and must be replaced in order to continue providing services. A new forklift would aid in streamlining and expanding production and distribution.

Legal Services of North Florida, Inc. (category of Family & LGBT) will use their grant to hire a staff attorney for one year to develop enhanced advocacy and education tools to support victims of violence and bullying in the community.

This attorney will go into our community to educate other providers of their obligations, including school personnel, law enforcement and the courts, our entire community will be elevated to an improved dialogue.

The Legal Education and Advocacy for Victim Empowerment (LEAVE) project will give victims and allies legal tools with which to prevent violence and bullying in our families, schools, and entire community.

While LEAVE may serve victims of all different experiences, a focus will be placed on LGBTQ youth, LGBTQ relationships, homeless and dependent youth, and youth with disabilities.

“Leading change and acceptance of others is our main mission. If we can accomplish this and directly impact the community in a positive way by awarding grants and giving of ourselves, I think it is a win-win for everyone,” said Chuck Presti, Sunday’s Child president an founder, in a news release.